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Associate Membership Application

This application is for industry suppliers seeking to join The Transportation Alliance as an associate member.

Dues & Membership Information

Membership in The Transportation Alliance is on a calendar-year basis, beginning on January 1 and ending on December 31.

With the exception of 20% of your dues used for lobbying Congress and federal regulatory agencies, dues for membership in The Transportation Alliance may be deducted as a business expense but not as a charitable contribution under U.S. laws.

Final acceptance of membership is based on approval by The Transportation Alliance board of directors.

Please enter your company information below. Bold items are required.

Company Information
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Administative Phone
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Sales Phone
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Select one or two product/service categories in which your company should be listed in The Transportation Alliance Buyers' Guide. The maximum number of selections is six from the options below.

Business Services:
Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations Agencies
Consultants: Financial, Regulatory, Other
Driver Education
Fuel Programs
Insurance Coverage and Services
Law Firms and Legal Services
Reservation Networks
Trade Magazines
Uniforms and Attire
Vehicle Financing, Leasing and Disposal
Vehicle Advertising and Graphics
Office Supplies
Transportation Brokers/Fleet Management
Drug and Alcohol Testing/Background Checks
Fleet Communications Systems and Equipment:
Dispatch Systems
Mobile Data Terminals
Mobile Radios
Navigation Systems
Payment Systems
Wireless Communications
Vehicle Manufacturers and Dealers:
Coaches and Minibuses
Vans and Minivans
Accessible Vehicles
Alternative Fuel Vehicles
Parts and Accessories:
   Loss Prevention Devices and Safety Equipment
Sign Carriers
Vehicle Parts and Equipment Distributors
Shop Equipment
Communications Parts and Brackets
Accessibility Devices

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