Member Services Committee

Charter: The Member Services Committee focuses its efforts on helping The Transportation Alliance achieve the following goal: The Transportation Alliance will enact programs to assist members in discovering, creating and developing innovations, technology and solutions that enhance mobility, improve service delivery, create competitive advantage and are financially viable and sustainable.

The committee's primary charge is to address actions The Transportation Alliance can take to

- support initiatives that enhance the member's financial viability;
- create shared, mutual value for all members;
- identify innovative practices and technologies and effectively communicate their operational and financial applicability to our industry;
- deliver member education, coaching and resources for the safe transport of passengers and goods;
- increase understanding of differentiation and how to compete in the areas of speed, reliability, convenience and quality;
- provide access to a broad and diverse cross section of industry stakeholders and thought leaders; and,
- support a single, national platform that is endorsed by The Transportation Alliance and that members will join.
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